3 Facts You Don’t Know About Our Algorithms

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1. Did you know you could trade our alerts in your stock account? For example, our Active Trader package has 6 total algorithms. Four trade the eMini S&P500 futures contract and two trade the US 10 Year Note Futures Contract. Whenever you get an alert you can just trade the corresponding ETF, instead.
For example, our Flight algorithm sends you an alert to buy @ESU15 at 2083.50 at 11:02:am EST. You could immediately buy 500 shares of $SPY (the equivalent ETF and size of 1 futures contract). $TLT is the ETF equivalent/closest thing to the US 10 Year Note Futures Contract.

2. Did you know we offer a package for both Investors AND Active Traders? Both packages’ trading statistics are comparable, but are designed to match your “trading personality”. The Pro Elite Package is geared for investors or those that don’t want to be actively trading. It consists of four algorithms, 2 for the eMini and 2 for the 10 Year Note, and trades much less frequently than its counterpart. It can be viewed here: http://trademyalgos.com/pro-elite-package/ If you like to trade frequently and want more action, then I’d suggest subscribing to our Active Elite Package Alerts. It contains six algorithms, 4 for the eMini S&P500 and 2 for the US 10 Year Note. It trades more frequently than the Pro Elite Package does. You can view full trade reports, including entries and exits here: http://trademyalgos.com/active-elite-package/


3. Did you know we offer two types of services? You can either fully automate the algorithms or simply receive REAL-TIME alerts every time a trade is made. The full automation takes about 10 minutes to set up. It is simple and allows you to view the algorithms on your screen as they trade live. It comes with a FREE custom built “workspace” to view the algorithms. From here, you can fully automate them, pick and choose which algos you want live, run them on a simulator/paper trading account, etc. You’re in total control or you can walk away and do nothing – your call. You can view automation pricing here: http://trademyalgos.com/haveaccount/ On the other hand, we offer alerts for those that don’t want automation and most likely manage their accounts on a day-to-day basis. As mentioned, these alerts come in real-time. As soon as the algo takes action, you’ll get an email AND text message stating the contract symbol, price, time, algo name, and whether it is a buy or sell. Our Active Alerts subscriptions can be viewed here: http://trademyalgos.com/active-alerts/ Act now and save $250 when signing up for the yearly subscription…

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