90% Win Rate and Wins 2x Bigger Than Losses

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That’s right. One of the algorithms in the Active Trader Elite Package has these mind-blowing, incredible results. It totes a winning percentage of 93% with winners twice as big as its losers on average. It only had a closed equity drawdown of around $1700.

Ok, ok so what is the algorithm and how does it decide to trade…

Appropriately named, it is the Apex algorithm. It trades the eMini S&P500 and only takes long trades.

You can view every single trade its made since 2007 on our website. Click this link and scroll down to click on the button “Apex Trade Report”. It will open a full trade report in excel showing performance statistics, drawdown characteristics, individual trade entry and exits as well as some seasonality analysis based on days, months, years, etc. There is more information, but everyone uses trading statistics differently (some don’t and wonder why they lose, but that is for another time).

If you have any questions or want to know the secret sauce just email.

Just kidding – I can’t give that away, but I would love to answer any questions.

Good luck trading,

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