eMini Rollover and Position Update

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We’ve closed out all September contract longs at 1945.00 this morning. We’re not going to initiate the same trade in the new contracts! That leaves us with the following results…

  1. X3 Algo +$62.50
  2. Fox Algo +$350.00
  3. Apex Algo +$3,687.50

Not a bad morning! +$4,100.00


If you close out and don’t re open in the Decembers then please ignore, if any, closing alerts for these algos in the future! I know some of you will open this trade back up in the December and ride it out. Also, please note that all future alerts should be done trading the December contract – @ESZ15. We’re rolling everything over today.

If you have any questions please send me an email sooner rather than later! Rollover can be confusing.

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