Frequently Asked Questions Part 44

No, this isn’t part 44.

Q: Are the results hypothetical or real?
A: Both. We’ve been live since 2015 AND we’ve tested our systems since 2007 in order to show how they would have handled the 2008-09 Financial Crisis. They outperformed in the back test (263% and 300% return in 2008). No surprise, as they are built for volatility!
You can view the entire trade report for each algorithm, including tested and live results, on our website here: and

Q: How Do Futures Work?
A: Generally speaking,  there is a minimum tick size and a multiplier. The dollar amount earned/lost for the minimum move is the minimum tick size * multiplier. For example, the eMini has minimum move/tick size of 0.25. It has a multiplier of $50. So every tick is ($50 * .25) or $12.50/contract. So if you bought one contract at 2074 and sold at 2075, you would net $50 less commissions. Also, a 20 point gain would result in a $1,000 profit. (20 points/.25 min tick size) = number of ticks moved = 80. 80 * $12.5/tick = $1,000 or calculated in points, there are 4 minimum tick moves or 4 * $12.50 in 1 point ($50). So 20 points * $50 = $1,000. The latter is much simpler!

 Q: Do You Offer Any Other Packages or Algorithms?
Yes, did you know we have an ETF version available? It trades $SPY and $TLT – the stock ETF versions of the futures contracts. Call or Email us and we can explain the difference or get you set up using the ETF version!

We also now offer alerts. Not ready to fully automate? Want to test it out for a few months? Enjoy trading too much to ever automate? Subscribe to our alerts and trade alongside our Algorithms. Now offering our Pro Elite Package and an Active Elite Package

If you’d like to see a sample email or alert send us a quick note and we can add you to the list for a free trade or two! Call us at 561 404 9035 or send us a msg at with your email or phone number and we can set it up that day!


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