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We have some big projects coming in 2016. However, I want to extend a Happy New Year gift to you.

I am offering lifetime subscriptions to my algorithm alert services. You will get alerts (for life) to my 10 trading algorithms. 6 eMini S&P 500 algorithms and 4 US 10 year note algorithms. That’s right a one-time $500 payment will get you access to BOTH the Pro Elite package and the Active Trader package alerts!

We have had 2 eMini S&P 500 alerts this week that more than cover the lifetime subscription cost. Here is their current unrealized value and the two timestamped email alerts that were sent to existing subscribers.



Update_20160112** unrealized gains from Ranger, Fox alerts **


** Fox real-time email alert **


** Ranger real-time email alert **

You can see the second line of the alerts give you all the information, in real-time to what exactly the algorithms are doing. The algorithm’s name, time of execution, price of execution, and action to take (buy, sell, sell short or buy to cover).


Additionally, I will throw in a lifetime subscription to our Nightly Algo Report. This provides my insights, market statistics and algorithm position updates on a nightly basis to help give your trading a quantifiable edge going into each and every day. Here is the note posted at the bottom of the report on 1/11/2016 at around 6pm. The market is up about 20 points or (20*$50 per contract = $1,000). Pretty sure this could information could help take your trading to the next level.



** click to view a clearer version of the image **


So in summary, for a one-time $500 payment you get:

-real-time algorithm trade alerts (email AND text) from ten of my uncorrelated trading strategies

-nightly access to the Nightly Algo Report, market statistics, probabilities, and personal note

-anytime access to me and my support staff to ask any and all market related questions

-lifetime access to any new products we launch (education series, video series, free code releases, private webinars, etc.)



If you are interested please email or  text or call 561 203 9143


Thanks and let’s have a great 2016!



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