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Hey everybody,

Dave from here and I have a big, BIG announcement!

We are now set to offer the algorithms’ alerts for the equivalent ETF counterparts.

That’s right, now you can subscribe to receive algorithm alerts for SPY and TLT, the stock ETF versions of the future contracts the algorithms originally trade.

The same alerts and winning strategies just now for ETFs, too.

The algorithms will still track and trade the futures markets and take the same data in as inputs. However, now when they send a trade alert you can choose to recieve the original future’s market alert OR the same alert but now for the equivalent stock ETF.

For example, when our Apex algorithm – wrote about it here: , decides to take a trade it will still send out its original alert to those that want to trade the futures contract; However, now it will simultaneously send out an alert to take the same action at the same time, but in the ETF/stock market using SPY as its trading vehicle.

So futures subscribers will receive alerts that say buy ESZ15 at 2007.50 at 10:43:17am and ETF subscribers will receive buy SPY at 200.75 at 10:43:17am, for example.

Now those that only have stock accounts can trade our algorithms.

Because this is a a new service we are offering FREE trials AND alerts to all 10 of the algorithms!

That’s right, sign up for our ETF alerts and get both our Pro Elite and Active Trader alerts for the cost of just one subscription!

You can sign up for an ETF free trial here:

Please email with any questions or check out this video explaing how it works for more clarity:

NEW PRODUCT: ETF Algorithmic Alerts



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