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Hey everybody,

Big news before the holidays!

I want to announce the biggest change and newest product to It is just in time for the new trading year and finally provides some deep insight into my trading algorithms…

So subscribers will receive a nightly report updating each algorithm’s current state and recent performance. It will even show how each algorithm does on a particular day of the week and month of the year. It will also show the last few times the algorithms have combined this way and what that meant for the market for moving forward, historically speaking of course.

For example, last time three were long or last time they were all flat what was the likelihood tomorrow was higher? Is it more bullish or a better time to buy for tomorrow if four or five algorithms have positions? Well now we are sharing this data to our subscribers on a nightly basis. The statistics will be updated every time they can and will provide traders to use algorithms to help with their trading decisions instead of constantly competing with them.

Here is a sample report  from November 05, 2015 along with a quick video explanation.




Nightly Algorithm Report Explained


To subscribe to the Nightly Algo Report FREE trial click here:

Additionally, all trade alert subscriptions now include the Nightly Algo Report FREE. It is included in alert subscriptions for no additional cost.

Stop trading blind and improve your edge today,

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