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Pleased to announce, and due to popular demand, that you now can subscribe to our alerts for 1 week FREE. That’s right, 1 full week of free trading alerts.

The offer is for a limited time, but is good for both our Active and Pro Elite Packages. For more information please visit their respective pages here: Active_Elite_Package and here: Pro_Elite_Package

Tons of you have been asking for free trials after we maxed out subscribers for the FREE month of August giveaway.

If you have any questions, comments, etc. I’m around whenever the market is open (23 hours a day!) If you’re curious how the algorithms did here is a blog post from last week: $14,000 Gains Week Of 2015 Market Crash Blog Post



Here is a hint: Alerts_Up10K_10


You can sign up for Pro Elite Alerts Free Trial Here: Pro_Elite_Alerts_FREE_TRIAL

You can sign up for Active Elite Alerts Free Trial Here: Active_Elite_Alerts_FREE_TRIAL



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