Position Update: 3 Wins and 1 Loss (EDIT: now 4 wins and 1 loss)

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3 wins and 1 loss – we will take it!

The algorithms have been busy the past two days…

X3 and Ranger algorithms both closed out wins yesterday for +$1,137.50 per contract. Flight closed out a quick one day winner of +$337.50 today. All three of these algorithms trade the S&P500 eMini futures contract or @ESZ15 or /ESZ5.

However, the one US 10Y Note Algorithm that did any trading in the past two days took a loss of $1,578.13. Never enjoyable, but we are transparent here.

Our 2 day total is +$1,034.37 trading 1 contract per alert.

However, let us not forget that we still have about +$7,750 in unrealized profits as well. November is starting off with the right foot, that is for sure. Here is a screenshot of our live positions…



**unrealized profits. click to view clearer image**



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Update: Fox Algo literally closed out its trade right after I published this post. It was a win of $5,825.00 per contract traded.
We now have had 4 winners and 1 loser for a total of +$6,859.37 per contract traded with another $1,500-$2,000 in unrealized gains still!
Nice first two days of November! Here is a photo of Fox’s most recent trade…



**Fox Trade Closed Out $5,825.00 per contract**


Thanks and stay green,

David – click my name for an about me blog post


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