Problem: You’re trading like the 95% of traders who lose

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Problem: You’re trading like the 95% of traders who lose.

Stop me when this sounds familiar. Every time you enter a trade you feel like “they know” you entered the trade. Feel like “they” push the market right below your stops or reverse it right before your already reduced price target? “Their” algorithms send so many quotes you never get the fill price you want and always have to pay up or exit on the bid? No matter what you do you lose? Always a step behind, day late or dollar short?

Solution: Trade like the 5%.

Yeah, ok. How?

First, have a tested strategy. Do you know why you use the tools you do? Do the tools change as the market does or do you use the same moving average you hear on CNBC? Will the market reverse right at the percentage pullback that every TV pundit has announced for the past week and a half?

Don’t you think the successful math and models used are a little too complex for CNBC and Bloomberg? If you do, you’re on the right track.

 How We Can Help You Succeed!

Our algorithms have been tested since 2007 and traded live for the better part of a year. They’re built by two professional algorithmic and high frequency traders, myself included, who have years of experience testing, building and implementing algorithmic trading strategies.  We’re available all the time to discuss design, implementation and our most recent adjustment, if any.

We all know markets change, but why does CNBC still use the same moving average? Doesn’t make sense, does it?

Second, no impulse or gut feeling trades. Trading is competing against the smartest, best-capitalized people in the world. You cannot take trades that haven’t been tested to have a statistical edge because you have a feeling, “want to make money”, or worse are bored! Don’t put your hard earned money on the line without knowing you have the advantage from the minute you do.

You can, however, follow a proven system that is emotionless, professionally built and can help guide your trading. For example, copy our alerts until you’re comfortable. I personally trade the alerts and hedge against them as I see fit. Often times making money on the alert itself and on the hedge, albeit a smaller amount.

Basically, don’t compete against the machines. Use them! Trade our algorithms against their algorithms. Check out full trade reports and our real-time alert plans. Email ( or Call 561 404 9035 anytime. There is always a professional trader waiting on the other end – no sales person!


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