Update: Apex Algo 90%+ Win Rate and 2x Bigger Wins Than Losses

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I wrote a blog post about one of our algorithms featured in our Active Trader Package highlighting its incredible test results. 90% win rate is always going to catch people’s attention. ICYMI: http://trademyalgos.com/2015/08/90-win-rate-and-wins-2x-bigger-than-losses/

We took a lot of flack for that post. I figured I’d write a follow up with the algorithms most recent trade result. I know one trade isn’t saying much, but a $3,687.50 per contract winner is always nice to blog about! Especially following the market crash/correction of August, 2015.

Here’s a photo of the trade…


The Apex algo basically grabbed the lows of the August crash and flipped out the contract for a win at Rollover time. Not bad. About 70+ points in short order.

Don’t mean to pat myself on the back, but rather feel like defending myself and my work. Carry on…

Oh yeah, subscribe here and get 1 week FREE: http://trademyalgos.com/active-alerts/


UPDATE: Those that rolled into the December contract closed out at 1982.00 after rebuying at 1935.00. They closed out $3,687.50 on the Sept and $2,350 on the Dec for a total of $6,037.50. Not bad for a $100 subscription. Free trials here: http://trademyalgos.com/active-alerts/




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  • David

    For those that chose to rollover and bought the Dec contract at 1935 are now up roughly an additional $2,000 per contract on this trade. Total > $5,000+


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