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We closed out two trades today just short of $5,000 in realized profits. That’s right, $4,950 today; just $50 short of 5 grand in a single day!

X3 closed out $2,137.50 today and Hawk closed out $2,812.50 per contract.

Here’s photos of the trades we closed out…



**Hawk Algo Closing Out $2,812.50**


**X3 Algo Closing Out $2,137.50**


We still have about $3.5 to $4K in unrealized gains as well.

All this for $100 per month and a 1 week free trial? Now that is a good trade… Here’s a post on how good of a trade it is: $5 per day for $5000 in gains

You can sign up for a free trial here: Active Elite Alerts Free Trial Sign Up or here: Pro Elite Alerts Free Trial Sign Up

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David – TradeMyAlgos.com

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