Why I’ve Been So Quiet Lately

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The Free Trial is under way and the market hasn’t given us much opportunity. The Dow Jones was down 7 days in a row and is again down overnight after yesterday’s “relief” rally.

However, our algorithms stay out of trouble and remain flat.

We have one alert or open position in the US 10 Year Note and it is up marginally at the time of this writing, but nothing exciting to report. That is the nature of trading, at times.

But we have BIG, BIG news to announce soon. We’re very excited and been working very hard to create this opportunity for everyone. Stay patient as we stay hard at work, but get ready for a game changing experience that can and will absolutely change your trading and your life.

I’ll be releasing details as soon as everything is finalized (or close) on this end. We’re excited to bring this to everyone… Stay tuned…

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